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Nearby the wonderful beach of Palombaggia (1km), the Ranch Campo welcomes you in an preserved site among the Brush.
In the shade of the olive trees, among typical perfumes «ciste», «myrte,» You will discover an unity of mini villas and guest-rooms built with local stones around the swimming pool where dominate calm and privacy.

exterieur-12.jpg    villa02-01.jpg    restaurant-nuit-05.jpg    chevaux-03.jpg    paillote-01.jpg

Sports and activities for all just nearby. Organisation of exceptional ridings from the ranch. Discover the region, the surroundings, the beaches .

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plage-01.jpg piscine-17.jpg exterieur-06.jpg exterieur-11.jpg piscine-02.jpg villa03-01.jpg villa02-01.jpg chevaux-06.jpg exterieur-12.jpg villa02-01.jpg restaurant-nuit-05.jpg chevaux-03.jpg paillote-01.jpg pano_piscine-02.jpg pano_plage-01.jpg