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The mini-villas can accomodate from 2 to 6 persons and are all confortably equiped.

Bungalow from 2 to 4 persons :
1 bedroom with a double bed ; a small living with two single beds, a equipped kitchen with ustensils, a shower room, basin and toilet, a large natural terrace with garden lounge.
Each villa is fitted with a fridge, a cooker with an oven and a complete ustensils list.
Bungalow from 5 to 6 persons
Same details as above with an extra bedroom with a double bed.

- 900 meters from the beach Palombaggia
- 12 km from Porto-Vecchio.


exterieur-14.jpg paillote-02.jpg plage-09.jpg villa02-01.jpg villa03-01.jpg villa05-01.jpg